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Game Description : Crime Scene Investigation CSI Miami (CSI Miami the Mobile Game):

Join an exciting team of forensic investigation Mayyami. You have to prove murder, to make opening and interrogate suspects. Carefully gather evidence using a whole arsenal of scientific tools to study and analyze samples in the laboratory. Features CSI: Miami the Mobile Game:

  • Collect all the characters of the series: Horatio, Callie, Delco and Alex Woods.
  • At your disposal all their arsenal: tomography, Luminal, swabs, tweezers, pipette and a database of fingerprints.
  • Find the clues, spend their laboratory analysis and proceed with the questioning of suspects.
  • Observe their behavior during the interview and try to guess what they are trying to hide.

Download game CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Miami (CSI Miami the Mobile Game) free of charge:

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